Musik ist eine Kunst aus geordneten Klängen, die durch Harmonie, Melodie, Rhythmus und Timbre vervollständigt wird. Mit einem Interview auf Englisch bekam ich einen guten Einblick in der Welt der Musik Kreation.

Armando Ray Chappuis, multi instrumentalist and passionate about creating his favorite genre of music, fusion jazz and pop. He aspires to be a full-time musician. The process started 10 years ago in his basement. Initially, he started only with a guitar and an amplifier. Then the studio became more equipped as his passion grew. 

"For me, this musical chord also represents my life motto, liberty, open mindedness, acceptance of the unpredictable and the multi - faceted possibilities of interpretation."
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"Music for the brains and booty"
"Moods, rhythms, vibes, ambiance get the grooves going"
"Less is more"... the question is how?
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